Mobile marketing could benefit from Google tracking

Mobile Google search traffic

The search engine and tech giant is currently testing a way to track consumers from smartphone browsers to apps. Google has now developed a new method of overcoming the mobile marketing struggle that has occurred in the gap between visitors to websites and app users on the same smartphone or tablet, and is now testing this method of tracking, say recent reports. The online giant is now testing out a way to target consumers using mobile devices with all new tracking techniques. The new mobile marketing targeting method connects the…

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Google predicts that mobile will represent 15 percent of Black Friday searches

black friday Mobile payments and Shopping Trends

Google has recently announced its forecast that among Black Friday searches, those performed by way of a mobile device will represent 15 percent of the total. As holiday shopping is rapidly approaching, this news is providing important insight into the way that consumers are using their mobile devices, so that merchants can improve the way that they bring traffic to their stores. Google is making these predictions based on a study performed by its AdMob, which showed that 65 percent of the participants in its survey said that they had…

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Google directs AdSense toward mobile web, halting AdMob in that market


Due to the crossover that was bound to occur between AdSense and AdMob in terms of their offerings to the mobile advertising marketplace, Google will be pushing AdSense to publishers as it withdraws AdMob support from mobile. Experts are anticipating a number of cuts and integrations of features to both platforms. It first purchased AdMob in 2009 for $750 million, in a direct attempt to capitalize on the mobile advertising market. This form of advertising, but on the mobile web and with apps, is a natural complement to the search…

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