Google directs AdSense toward mobile web, halting AdMob in that market


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Due to the crossover that was bound to occur between AdSense and AdMob in terms of their offerings to the mobile advertising marketplace, Google will be pushing AdSense to publishers as it withdraws AdMob support from mobile.

Experts are anticipating a number of cuts and integrations of features to both platforms. It first purchased AdMob in 2009 for $750 million, in a direct attempt to capitalize on the mobile advertising market. This form of advertising, but on the mobile web and with apps, is a natural complement to the search ad and display business at Google..

Over the last year, as AdMob has been integrated into Google’s offerings, there have already been some features that have been removed as they were considered redundant or they didn’t suit Google’s overall strategy. For instance, Google terminated the cross-promotion download exchange through AdMob. Now, it will be chopping the serving capabilities for the mobile web that will eliminated from AdMob.

Google explained the changes in a blog, saying that Adsense is now meant for mobile web publishers, while AdMob will be for mobile app developers. Many experts predict that this won’t be the last of the changes that Google will make to compensate for the overlap, but it is a significant one. AdSense will help mobile web publishers to monetize their sites, while the publishers of mobile apps can now focus exclusively on AdMob.

Google also stated that as of September 30, all of the older WAP mobile sites would no longer receive their AdMob support. For the more advanced sites and ads that are viewable on smartphones and other more advanced mobile devices, AdMob support will still be eliminated, but it will be a more gradual phasing out.

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