Tablet commerce to increase throughout holidays before dropping once more

ipad mini tablet commerce

A recent forecast by ABI Research has indicated that shipments of the mobile devices will rise then fall.

ABI Research has now released a forecast about the tablet commerce industry and has said that in the last quarter of the year, worldwide shipments of these mobile devices will increase to about 40 million.

This will be a considerable raise over the third quarter, when shipments were closer to 30 million.

That said, ABI Research pointed out that this boost in tablet commerce sales will be a temporary one. The firm also pointed out that the increase in sales during the final quarter of the year should not be interpreted as a reflection of an increasing interest and popularity in these mobile devices. Instead, ABI said in its report that the reason there will be an increase in the number of unit shipments is a direct result of an increase of holiday shopping demand, overall. Retailers and other vendors have been reducing the prices of these devices in order to ensure customers will see them as great holiday gifts.

This means that tablet commerce is only rising because the prices are being slashed by a great deal.

ipad mini tablet commerceApproximately 30.6 million branded tablets shipped around the globe during Q3 this year. This was actually a reduction when compared to what it had been the quarter before. That said, ABI said in its report that it “anticipates the fourth quarter to be promising, estimating 40 million tablets to ship worldwide and equating to roughly 29 percent of the year’s total volume.”

It also pointed out that shipments of the units had drooped by 2.7 percent quarter over quarter. Moreover, tablets are also seeing a reduction of 19.7 percent in sales year over year during the third quarter. Still, new tablets continue to be launched in time for the holiday season when vendors are ready to market them down in order to make up for some of the shortfall they had experienced through the earlier part of the year.

Another reason ABI saw a potential increase heading to the category of tablet commerce is that companies such as Amazon continue to produce very low cost approaches to releasing their new devices.

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