SIA Central Europe works to promote NFC technology and mobile commerce

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Europe continues to be a hot bed for mobile commerce

Mobile commerce and NFC technology has been gaining momentum in Europe over the past several months. As more banks and other financial institutions adopt NFC technology, the demand for mobile payments is growing. Telecommunications companies have been responding to this growing interest by developing more NFC-enabled mobile devices. This is not enough for SIA Central Europe, a leading financial services company, however, the company is working to bring more innovation to the burgeoning mobile commerce industry.

Company believes that mobile commerce is the way of the future

SIA has been working to promote NFC technology and mobile payments for some time. The company believes that mobile commerce is much more than a simple trend and that NFC will be the way people make purchases in the not-so-distant future. European consumers have shown interest in mobile commerce, enamored by NFC technology and its possibilities. There is a lack of NFC-enabled mobile devices available to consumers, however, which SIA hopes to remedy this problem.

SIA to work with others to develop new commerce services

The company is now seeking to work with financial institutions in Hungary and other central European companies and organizations to bring innovation to NFC technology and mobile commerce. SIA is heavily focused on creating new payment services for consumers, which are meant to make the adoption of mobile commerce more viable for a large number of people. These services are meant to bring a higher level of security and user-friendliness to NFC-based payment systems. SIA’s ultimate goal is to eliminate the use of physical currency, a goal it believes will provide European citizens with more simplicity in their lives.

Hungary proves to be a popular base for mobile transactions

According to SIA Central Europe, more than 170 million mobile transactions were made in 2011, the majority of which were facilitated by banks. A third of these transactions occurred in Hungary, which has made the country a prime target for the expansion of mobile commerce. SIA has plans to promote NFC technology and mobile payments in the country, along with others, this year and into the future.

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