QR codes used in interesting way by Catholic Health Association

QR Codes Business Cards

A new take on mhealth has been implemented by the CHA in an innovative way.

The Catholic Health Association has come up with a new and unique configuration for using QR codes, and implemented it at its 2012 Catholic Health Assembly, successfully saving both time and money, while making things more convenient for its attendees.

The barcode use went on to receive recognition by winning the Aptify Users Conference innovation award.

The registration area at the event involved a staff that was equipped with iPod tablets to check people in wherever they were, instead of forcing attendees to have to wait at long lines in front of a registration desk. Furthermore, the books, videos, and many other related products were all made available in digital formats through QR codes and other methods that prevented attendees from having to drag hard copies around with them.

The QR code function provided access to all of the heart elements of the event experience.

The QR codes configuration were developed by the CHA IT department. They were based on the Aptify association management system and functioned with the AMS in order to provide a streamlined registration experience as well as a direct connection with the on-site store.

The badges were printed in advance to include QR codes. When they were scanned, they would provide the staff member with the information of the attendee within the database. The badges were sent to the attendees in advance so that they would have them upon arrival. This meant that a scan was all that was required in order to check in. They would then be provided with a badge holder and they could head off to enjoy the event.QR Codes Business Cards

The resource area avoided the requirement of having to stock hundreds of different items by simply providing demo products which had their own QR codes, which could be scanned in order to automatically generate an order for the attendee. The required product was then shipped directly from the warehouse to the attendee so that it would be there once they returned from the event. This not only provided considerable convenience, but it also offered the CHA a considerable amount of measurable data regarding the products that were purchased.

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