QR codes at Kennards help with plant safety checks

qr codes

These quick response codes will also allow customers to scan and view a piece of equipment’s full service history.

Kennards Hire, a specialist in equipment rentals, has now added a new mobile device friendly feature in order to enhance its service quality, as it has added QR codes to help to improve plant safety checks and provide customers with a way to inform themselves with regards to a specific piece of equipment.

The new online portal that is used by the plant gives customers to complete service records for equipment.

This is the case for both the specialist and the general fleets. The portal will contain the records for all of the equipment items. This is easily accessible for both staff and customers, alike, as each of the “Ready for Hire” rental labels contains QR codes that can be scanned to direct the smartphone or mobile device user to that unique plant number and equipment item so that its history can be viewed.

Of course, the information can be accessed without the QR codes, but that requires manual input of the plant and equipment I.D.

qr code marketingBy scanning the quick response code, a smartphone user can bypass the necessity to manually enter the information to identify the specific piece of equipment. It also provides the user with access to the equipment’s Certificate of Test and Examination (in which a specific piece must be tested to AS 1418.2), as well as to its pre-delivery checklist, to its risk assessment, to its maintenance schedule, to its online operator safety checks, and even to its insurance details.

All of this information can help to ensure that a customer will be much better informed regarding the device and will be able to obtain the information required to know that they are selecting the right equipment, that it is in the shape that they require, and that they will know how to properly operate and maintain it, among other things.

The customer will also be able to scan the QR codes to access the user guide, operator’s manual, and even an equipment video for more convenient education with regards to each specific item.

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