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QR codes being offered to nonprofits for free by JumpSeat

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This startup has become exceptionally popular and is now showing that it has a heart.

Though JumpSeat was only launched at the start of the year, businesses have been flocking to it to have their QR codes campaigns created and managed.

The team is demonstrating that they know how important social responsibility truly is.

In this light, JumpSeat is hoping to help nonprofit organizations to make a difference by providing its services to them free of charge. This will allow the nonprofits to better reach their communities and spread the word through QR codes.

QR codes also offer a fast and secure way for smartphone users to make a donation.

Nonprofit organizations that are hoping to start campaigns with QR codes that either share information, accept donations, or both, they are encouraged to speak with JumpSeat’s Michael Mandella in order to have it arranged free of charge.

By using JumpSeat, the nonprofits can quickly and easily place their mobile websites within reach of people in their communities, states, countries or worldwide. Beyond the QR codes, they can also create and manage their mobile websites and add smartphone friendly features such as “Call”, “Email”, and “Buy Now”, that have been fully customized. They can also upload videos and photos to help to enhance the experience on the site.

When the sites has already been created or optimized for mobile, then the “JumpTags” (their version of QR codes) can be applied so that they simply need to be scanned by smartphone and tablet users instead of requiring a full URL to be entered. The barcode can direct the user to the most action-focused part of the site so that they can choose to navigate the website, or use the customized buttons to make more direct contact.

JumpSeat is hoping that its offer of free services for QR codes will help nonprofit organizations to achieve the same positive results that have been seen by businesses worldwide. Those companies have been benefitting from increased sales through direct JumpTag purchases, and from the ease with which consumers can simply tap their smartphones to contact them to have their questions answered and buy products and services.

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