QR code clock draws attention but mixed opinions

QR Code Clock

Some find it highly amusing while others feel that it is the height of uselessness.

Mobile friendly barcodes have been appearing everywhere from product packages and advertising to tombstones, which means that many were not surprised when the recent QR code clock made its way into the digital environment.

However, not everyone is completely taken with this most recent use of the black and white squares.

The QR Code Clock was created by Michael Ciuffo. He, himself, called the strange creation “technological convenience that really isn’t convenient.” The reason is that whether in analog or digital display layout, clocks are designed to be quick and easy to read and understand. However, this latest invention, a great deal of concentration and brain power can be required.

To access the clock, the QR Code must be scanned by a mobile device while using an appropriate app.

Though this can be a fun and quirky way to find out what time it is, many are wondering why anyone would use it at all. It has been pointed out that it is typically a few seconds slow, as it can take that long for the scanner app to be able to obtain the answer from the QR code once it has been scanned.

However, what many people have pointed out is that the majority of these devices already have a clock built right into them, and in order to read the time, users would merely need to look at the screen. This is a great deal faster than having to find the app, open it, and snap the QR code in order to find a response that was a few seconds behind what the time truly is at that moment.

The fun part of the clock isn’t really in its practicality, but is because it doesn’t display the time in a traditional way, but instead uses an ever changing QR code. It doesn’t mean that the user will actually be benefitting from discovering the time in any real way. The consensus seems to be that while there is no real use for this clock, except as a curiosity, it isn’t causing any harm.

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