QR codes created by skilled Austrian stonemasons for digital memorials

QR Codes used on gravestones

QR Codes used on gravestones

Instead of using the standard sticker format, Aspetos is hiring skilled artisans for the job.

Though it may sound as though Aspetos, a bereavement company from Austria, is following the latest trend by allowing QR codes to be added to the gravestones it sells, it has actually added a unique addition to its service that makes it stand out from the rest.

Stonemasons will be sandblasting the quick response barcodes onto the surface of the gravestones.

Though many companies are already offering QR codes as features on their tombstones and grave markers, many are using stickers in order to display the barcodes. Aspetos has taken things a step further by making the little squares a part of the stone, itself.

Scanning the QR codes allows people to learn about the deceased individual.

Family members and loved ones can customize the webpage to which the QR codes are linked, by adding stories, information, pictures, videos, and other interesting facts about the individual buried below the marker. This service has become highly popular and is drawing a great deal of attention as it expands around the world.

People like the fact that they can memorialize their loved one more thoroughly. It also makes it easier for people visiting the site to get to know the person who has died, and, in many cases, to be able to send their condolences to the family in mourning. This is because the web pages linked to the QR codes often also include a digital book of condolences that can be signed through the use of a smartphone.

The stonemasons are already working on creating the barcodes, and the first ones will start appearing in Austrian graves within the next few week. This is a program that has been a long time in the making. The project leader for Aspetos, Joerg Bauer, has been working on the development and the creation of the QR codes service for five years, so far. It is Bauer’s hope, that people will enjoy this extra feature to learn about and remember those who have died, and that those using the barcodes will be respectful of others and avoid playing music and videos at high volumes.

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