Digital QR code ID cards headed to China

QR code ID cards - ID Card

The country’s e-governance is using a combination of quick response codes and smartphones for identification. China is launching a new type of QR code ID cards for its citizens to use, provided they don’t mind a digital facial scan. This marketplace is known for the success of its mobile payments and m-commerce systems. The popularity of mobile payments has reached the point that it is driving the country forward into becoming cashless. This has been a goal for many nations around the world, but China is doing it successfully. It…

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Scanning QR codes lets Chinese motorists pay to have stolen car mirrors returned in new scam

QR Code scanning mercedes benz cars

Thieves demand cash by way of quick response code to give back stolen vehicle side mirror glass. Chinese thieves stole glass from car side mirrors, telling victims scanning QR codes to make a payment is the only way to have the property returned. The motorists were told to pay anywhere from $45 to $105 to have the glass from the mirrors returned. Police in Xian, a city in central China, are investigating reports of extortion efforts by local thieves. The criminals reportedly said scanning QR codes to pay were the…

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Spotify QR codes change the sharing game among app users

spotify qr codes

The music streaming service is adding Spotify Codes to its mobile app to simplify feature usage. New Spotify QR codes are helping the streaming service app to be more user friendly. The barcodes, called “Spotify Codes” are meant to make all the different spotify features simpler and more direct. The mobile app users can scan QR codes for every one of the songs to share the tunes they like. The Spotify QR codes work by providing a unique barcode for each song. That way, if they want to share a…

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QR code at Hackerspace aims to be largest in the world

rooftop qr code

The barcodes are constantly popping up in new and unique locations and strategies. Since the QR code has started to become very popular, it has become a considerable target for companies and individuals that have been making attempts at creating the largest one in various ways. This was the case with Hackerspace, which created a rooftop barcode in a unique way. Other rooftop QR code projects have occurred in the past, as have other very large ones that have been presented in stadiums, corn fields, and other surprising and sometimes…

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QR code clock draws attention but mixed opinions

Some find it highly amusing while others feel that it is the height of uselessness. Mobile friendly barcodes have been appearing everywhere from product packages and advertising to tombstones, which means that many were not surprised when the recent QR code clock made its way into the digital environment. However, not everyone is completely taken with this most recent use of the black and white squares. The QR Code Clock was created by Michael Ciuffo. He, himself, called the strange creation “technological convenience that really isn’t convenient.” The reason is…

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E-Mart takes a new approach to mobile marketing using the sun and shadows

qr codes shadow used to bring in customers

QR codes could be a useful sales tool In the world of marketing, QR codes have become a useful tool. Many advertisers have begun to utilize the codes in an effort to reach out to mobile consumers. These endeavors have been somewhat successful, though consumers have shown only mild interest in scanning QR codes. Despite the apparent wariness amongst many consumers, some retailers believe that the codes could be used to drive sales. In South Korea, this notion seems to be correct. E-Mart creates shadow QR code E-Mart, South Korea’s…

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Cows in France painted with a QR code as modern-day form of branding

QR Code on cows

French cows have been spotted brandishing a QR code on their sides. The French QR code industry has found a new way to use these mobile-friendly barcodes by painting them on the side of cattle. Surprisingly, this is not the first time that cows have been seen wearing these two dimensional scannable codes, as they were also seen in the United Kingdom in December 2011, when farmers used them in the branding of their cattle being sold at auction. Though many individuals initially thought that it was done as a…

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Inspirational couple raise money for cancer research using QR

Scan to donate

A fundraising couple who are trekking across the Great Wall of China have today revealed that they will be using QR Codes for the public to scan to donate via their smartphone. The inspirational journey will also be sponsored by QR Pal, a newly launched QR code scanner. Dave Brown and Julie Atherton will be trekking nearly 60 km, across dangerous mountain terrain in a bid to raise £10,000 for North West Cancer Research Fund (NWCRF), a charity that provides grants to support fundamental research in the North West of…

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Sips Card initiative could make short stories popular with mobile consumers

Sips Card

Since the advent of technology, artists and other creatives have been looking for ways to adapt to the changes in media. Writers have been the hardest hit by technology’s rise to dominance. Not willing to go down without a fight, more writers are finding ways to adapt and make use of technology as a way to reach out to a new audience. This is the case with Tim LeVan Miller, a writer from South Carolina. Miller has launched a new initiative called Sips Card that seeks to use QR codes…

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Planned Parenthood promotion for safe sex allows users to “check in” with QR codes on condoms

Planned Parenthood QR Code Campaign

A safe sex promotion by Planned Parenthood is using condoms with QR codes to encourage individuals to use protection. They allow mobile phone users to scan the barcodes in order to add their location to an internet map. The concept behind the promotion is that if people see that people all around the area is taking part in safe sex through the use of a condom, more people will be likely to think about and practice safer sex. The Great Northwest division of Planned Parenthood has distributed 55,000 condoms with…

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Air Fest makes world’s largest QR code in Canada

Last year, two organizations were fighting to break the world record for the largest functioning QR code ever built. Hackerspace Charlotte, an artistic collective focused on digital media, and Skanz, a social networking platform specializing in QR codes, both succeeded in building massive codes. Unfortunately, their efforts may have been for naught, as a new competitor emerged last week and showed off its own gargantuan QR code. Air Fest, a provider of day camps and schools for children in Canada, has taken the title of champion with their staggering creation.…

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