Project Glass maybe released as soon as 2013

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Google’s augmented reality eyewear coming sooner rather than later

There is no shortage of speculation where Google’s Project Glass is concerned. The project, which was unveiled in April, won acclaim for its use of augmented reality, leveraging the technology as a social and convenience tool. Project Glass combines the technology with eyewear – or, more accurately, headwear. There has been a great deal of conjecture concerning the augmented reality device, some of which suggests that Project Glass will not actually include augmented reality capabilities. Google has been allowing information to trickle out to consumers, and has decided that the time is right for them to know when they can purchase the high-tech product.

Augmented reality gaining traction with consumers

Augmented reality has managed to grab the attention of consumers around the world. Many of these consumers have already been immersed in mobile technology for years, which has created a favorable atmosphere for augmented reality to flourish. With smart phones and other such mobile devices so popular, technology companies like Google are beginning to view augmented reality as a way to revolutionize the way people experience the world around them. With Project Glass, consumers may be able to do this sooner than they think.

Google co-founder touts the capabilities of the eyewear

Sergey Brin, co-founded of Google, has made taken every opportunity to show off Project Glass to the public. Brin has worn the augmented reality glasses at numerous charity events and recently donned the eyewear for an interview with The Gavin Newsroom Show. In this interview, Brin touched upon the various aspects of Google’s endeavor with augmented reality and announced that the company plans to release the product to the commercial market at some point in 2013. The exact date of the launch is still a secret.

Success may hinge upon the project’s inclusion of augmented reality

Rumors suggest that Project Glass will be priced to compete with smart phones and other such devices. This would mean that the augmented reality eyewear would range between $300 and $600. Consumers have proven that they are willing to pay large sums of money in order to get their hands on what they consider valuable technology. If Google can continue to impress consumers and ensure that its promised augmented reality features are present in the final product, Project Glass may be a success.

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