Augmented reality glasses from Google could be released this year

Augmented Reality glasses

Google’s augmented reality glasses may see 2013 release Google Glass has been attracting more attention thanks to Google’s latest promotional video for the product. The company’s augmented reality glasses, whose augmented reality capabilities have been suspect in recent months, has again reclaimed a great deal of acclaim thanks to the video, which showed off a new interface that is entirely voice controlled and makes extensive use of augmented reality technology. Now, there are rumors that Google Glass will be available to consumers this year, and that the product will cost…

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Augmented reality returns to Google Glass

Google glass augmented reality glasses wearable technology

Google may be using augmented reality after all Google has been relatively silent concerning its Project Glass in recent months. The company has faced significant criticism since suggesting last year that Google Glass will not actually support augmented reality. Given that augmented reality was billed as one of the most important aspects of Google Glass,  the possibility that the glasses would not make use of the technology garnered the company some backlash with consumers. Google has released a new video that shows off the user interface of Google Glass, suggesting…

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Vuzix launches augmented reality glasses

Vuzix Augmented Reality Glasses

Vuzix aims to fill void left by Google’s move away from augmented reality Augmented reality glasses have been getting a lot of hype since the introduction of Google’s Project Glass last year. Project Glass aims to provide people with, quite literally, a new way to see the world around them. When the project was first announced, Google was keen to show off its augmented reality potential. Now, however, Google is beginning to shy away from the prospect of using augmented reality with Project Glass, leaving a significant gap in the…

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Apple begins to dabble in smart watches

smart watch mobile

Apple turns to smart watches to combat fatigue among consumers Apple has established itself as a leader in the realm of mobile technology. Despite the company’s dominance in this sector, it has been seeing a phenomenon often referred to as “Apple fatigue” throughout the world. Consumers are becoming jaded when it comes to the mobile devices being produced by Apple. For the past several years, many of the company’s devices have, essentially, been the same, with only modest variations in features and size. The iPad represented the first significant change…

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Augmented reality glasses from Meta aim to set new standard

Augmented Reality head mounted display

Meta has high hopes for augmented reality glasses Augmented reality glasses may be losing their hold on consumers, but that does not mean that ambitious technology companies have abandon their efforts to create wearable augmented reality systems. A relatively young technology start-up known as Meta has been developing a pair of augmented reality glasses that could reinvigorate the enthusiasm consumers have had for such a product in the past. The augmented reality glasses from Meta feature advanced technology that could literally change the way people interact with the digital world.…

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