Pet ID tags with a QR code help to identify missing animals

Lost Dog qr codes

Lost Dog

A lost dog can be more easily found with smartphone technology.

PetHub has announced the release of a new type of ID tag for pets that feature a QR code that will help the owners of a lost dog or cat to find their furry friends.

The two dimensional barcode is very easy to use by anyone with a smartphone, and it will direct that individual to a personalized webpage that features the owner’s contact information as well as vital data about the pet.

Individuals or organizations that find a lost dog can scan the codes to contact the owners.

This can not only help to make sure that missing pets are actually reunited with their families once more, but it can also significantly reduce the amount of time that is needed to accomplish that goal. In fact, depending on the situation, it could be a matter of minutes before someone could capture the escape artist, scan the QR code, and reach the owner.

According to the founder of PetHub, Tom Arnold, the webpage is comparable to a Facebook profile for the animal. It is a place where information can be stored and shared about the pet, so that if it should ever take off, it is easier to identify.

The tags were first launched by PetHub in January 2012, at which time, they sold a staggering 10,000 within a span of three days by way of a Groupon online deal. Some sales and free handouts of the tags had already occurred before that, but it was the internet promotion that caused the ID barcodes to truly take off.

Further promotion occurred as a result of the receipt of multiple awards such as the December Editor’s Choice Award at Dog Fancy magazine, which helped to spread the word about this useful little product.

Throughout the 2012 first quarter, approximately 30,000 PetHub tags were sold.

The primary focus of the QR code pet tag is to make sure that the owner of a lost dog or cat can be quickly and easily found and contacted, but the pet’s profile webpage can also include any medications that are required by the animal, as well as additional vital information.


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