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Augmented reality sparks interest in the auto industry

Augmented reality is making waves throughout the worlds of technology and business. Companies all over the world are beginning to take notice of the technology and how it can be used in their operations. Technology firms, such as Google and Apple, have also taken an interest in augmented reality, believing that it holds profound potential for entertainment and convenience. The technology has found a somewhat surprising amount of attention in the auto industry, where it is being used as more than just a basic application or add-on to a vehicle.

Pioneer adopts augmented reality as a way to provide drivers with something new

Pioneer, a Japanese company specializing in electronics for vehicles, has adopted augmented reality for a new electronics system that can be used in nearly any vehicle. The system is called the Carrozzeria Cyber Navi AR and it is a heads-up display designed specifically to assist drivers. Pioneer believes that augmented reality will be a welcome addition to the auto industry, as many consumers have already shown a great deal of interest in the technology as it is used in a number of other industries.

System uses augmented reality to give drivers directions

The augmented reality system paints digital images on the windshield of a vehicle. These images can provide a driver with a wealth of information concerning their journey. Currently, the system is akin to a high-tech navigation system, which overlays digital guides on the real world environment. Like other navigation systems, the Carrozzeria Cyber Navi AR can provide drivers with directions to their destinations as well as information on the location they will be visiting. Pioneer’s system is expected to be released into the Japanese market in July of this year.

Pioneer is not alone in its use of the technology

Pioneer is not the only company focusing on augmented reality. Nissan has adopted the technology for use in marketing. Toyota is currently developing high-tech windows that utilize augmented reality. Other companies have been developing navigational systems that use augmented reality as well, hoping to take advantage of the apparent love consumers have for technology that has, in the past, been reserved to the world of science fiction.

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