Nordstrom acquires new mobile shopping tech to amp its digital retail

Mobile Shopping Tech - Nordstrom Store in Mall

The massive retailer has grabbed up a number of startups to solidify its m-commerce position.

Nordstrom has been acquiring a considerable number of mobile shopping tech startups. This includes BevyUp and MessageYes most recently.

The fashion retail chain is evidently seeking to give itself a sturdy m-commerce offering.

BevyUp is a digital selling too provider. MessageYes is a conversation commerce provider. These are only the latest mobile shopping tech acquisitions. They were purchased in separate deals to enhance the Nordstrom mobile commerce strategy, said a press release from the company.

The BevyUp platform uses Style Boards to provide shoppers with a personalized interaction with store associates via mobile. That platform will be integrated into the Nordstrom mobile app at some point in 2018.

The MessageYes platform makes it possible for brands and retailers to send consumers personalized product recommendations. The platform uses both artificial intelligence and human-assisted AI technology to select recommended products. The customer receives the recommendations via mobile messaging.

Nordstrom has been taking its mobile shopping tech and strategy very seriously in recent years.

That said, the retailer has been diving into its strategy head first this month. March, alone, has been a big month for Nordstrom. Nordstrom released a very positive quarterly earnings report at the start of the month. This revealed over 8 percent sales growth during the final quarter of last year.

At the start of this week, Nordstrom rejected its founding family’s offer to privatize. That represented only the latest step in months long efforts between the company and the family.

These latest mobile commerce and technology investments represent important future moves for the company. It is laying the path for a considerable shift toward mobile and other technologies. This is a step many retailers are finding to be critical to their existence.

As some retailers struggle to keep their heads above water due to the m-commerce influence, others are embracing it. The companies investing most strategically into mobile shopping tech are starting to see the difference it is making in their bottom lines. Customers are seeking richer experiences, and mobile commerce is providing retailers the tools to make that happen.

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