Mobile marketing success by Dr. Oz

dr oz mhealth app askmd

The television physician of Oprah and daytime talk TV fame is now seeing achievements in mhealth apps.

While the ins and outs of mobile marketing have continue to perplex many people, Dr. Oz seems to have found his groove as he is now achieving considerable mhealth success with the apps produced by a company that has only recently been created.

The AskMD application has already won the Best Medical App prize at the 4th Annual Appy Awards.

The mobile app was based on an online health and wellness engagement platform called Sharecare. It was founded by the creator of WebMD, Jeff Arnold, and celebrity TV doctor, Dr. Mehmet Oz. It was through the use of that platform that the AskMD app was first created. Through the right mobile marketing it has now seen considerable success in the field of mhealth.

This mhealth app hasn’t been a tough mobile marketing sell with its extensive features and the fact that it is free.

dr oz mhealth app askmdIt is currently available exclusively through iOS and it is designed to assist consumers in gathering information related to the symptoms that they are experiencing, while it helps them to be able to educate themselves with regards to what could potentially be leading to those symptoms, while it connects them to doctors and specialists who are qualified to provide them with treatment.

The Appy Awards, the program that recently recognized Dr. Oz and Jeff Arnold’s AskMD app, are rapidly coming to be known as one of the most distinguished award programs within the application industry. Despite the cutesy name, they are now taken quite seriously, and an award is considered to be an important nod toward the quality of the application, adding to its credibility.

Winners of Appy Awards are selected by a jury made up of some of the top executives in the tech industry. They work their way through hundreds of thousands of potential winning apps before they make their announcements of those who have actually won within the forty different categories. These announcements take place at an official award ceremony and being named the best in a category can add considerable weight to any mobile marketing campaign.

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