Businesses see mobile commerce as very risky

Mobile commerce Risks

Businesses believe that serious threats lurk within the mobile space

People are becoming more interested in the idea of mobile commerce, but businesses are very leery of this emerging field because of its inherent security risks. Businesses tend to see the mobile space as a more dangerous playing field than other field connected to the digital world. An estimated 32% of businesses believe that mobile commerce is significantly riskier than traditional e-commerce, and  these businesses are not eager to take steps to protect themselves from mobile risks.

Survey shows that businesses are becoming more concerned with mobile security

A recent survey from Mobile Money Revolution shows that businesses are becoming more concerned over the security issues that exist in regards to mobile payments. Because mobile commerce involves the processing and trafficking of financial information, it is a very attractive target for malicious groups that would seek to exploit such information. The survey shows that a growing number of businesses are believing that mobile fraud prevention is becoming a major priority for their endeavors in the mobile commerce field.

Some consumers shows little interest in security

Mobile commerce RisksOne of the problems that businesses face in the mobile field is the ever evolving nature of threats. In the digital space, threats adapt to countermeasures and security solutions very quickly. This forces these security solutions to adapt quickly as well or risk becoming obsolete to the threats that exist in the digital world. While businesses are keen to protect themselves from these threats and ensure their security solutions are up to date, consumers are not typically interested in security matters, or have little understanding of who important mobile security is.

Consumers may represent some degree of risk

Some businesses believe that mobile consumers without an understanding or interest in security could present serious risks in and of themselves. These consumers can often be used as a type of Trojan Horse, with their mobile devices acting as delivery systems for malware and other types of threats. Because the mobile space is considered so risky, many businesses have opted to take a slow and steady approach to the mobile commerce.

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