Mobile commerce to be simplified by new NFC token system

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce

Companies expand partnership to make mobile commerce more simplistic

ACI Worldwide, an international provider of payment solutions, has announced that it will be expanding its partnership with Bell ID, a developer of smart cards and management solutions, in order to simplify the world of NFC mobile commerce. Mobile commerce continues to attract attention all over the world, primarily due to demand from consumers and retail companies. Powered by NFC technology, mobile commerce has experienced a great deal of growth over the past year. This growth has translated into new opportunities for companies looking to improve not only NFC technology, but the mobile commerce industry itself.

Token system could streamline mobile payments

Together, the two companies will begin work to deploy NFC payment tokens. These tokens will allow consumers with NFC-enabled mobile devices to conduct mobile payments, similar to the way NFC tags function. The tokens feature ACI’s Token Manager for Mobile technology, which is claimed to improve the convenience of mobile commerce by streamlining the functions involved in the payment process.  ACI notes that the tokens may one day be a vital part of the mobile commerce infrastructure.

Infrastructure needed for mobile commerce to continue to grow

As is common in other industries, mobile commerce is heavily reliant on infrastructure. Without a sufficient NFC infrastructure, mobile commerce itself would go unnoticed by the majority of consumers because it would be beyond their reach. The adoption on NFC technology has been picking up speed, but there still exists a noticeable lack of NFC-enabled mobile devices, both for consumers and for businesses. Without such devices, mobile commerce is nearly impossible.

Token system may be a hit with consumers and businesses

Both ACI and Bell ID believe that their latest initiative will help pave the way for progress in the field of mobile commerce. Consumer demand continues to grow, which is putting more pressure on retail companies and financial institutions to deliver mobile payment solutions. The duo’s token system may be a welcome addition to mobile commerce, if it can prove to be popular with consumers.

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