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The document was clearly aimed at creating click-throughs and conversion using print.

Layar has been making it known that virtual reality marketing has been in the crosshairs for quite some time, but now it has produced its first whitepaper to help to outline specifically how print can be made interactive through the use of mobile devices that can activate digital content through the use of flyers, newspapers, and magazines.

These can launch anything from links to mobile optimized websites to videos, or social network sharing options.

They pointed out their most recent campaigns with LINDA, VPRO, vtwonen, and What’s Next, as examples of the various interactive print efforts, techniques, and strategies that have already been implemented.

Interactive print is a form of virtual reality marketing that allows a company or brand to enhance the experience for consumers when they see a traditional print ad, such as in magazines, newspapers, or even in its own catalog.

The whitepaper was called “Layar shows significant reach, conversion and click-through rates from paper to digital content”. Within it, the company outlined the primary metrics that they use to define the market potential for interactive print, which had been gleaned from their own internal metrics, as well as external research organizations.

For example, they outlined the number of consumers who were:

• Capable of accessing the interactive print features through smartphones capable of running Layar.
• Already using Layar after having installed it into their devices.
• Using the interactive print content through Layar – what they refer to as conversion.
• Able to use a click-through to Layar – what they referred to as the CTR (click through rate)

Among the highlights identified within the research cited in the whitepaper included:

• Between 8 percent and 38 percent (depending on the region) of the population of the world currently has a Layar-compatible smartphone. By 2016, this should reach as much as 60 percent.
• Among all print virtual reality marketing, 20 percent is clicked through to the underlying content such as the mobile optimized site, the m-commerce store, a video, or the Facebook or other social media page.


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