Latest Apple news: the apps battle rages on

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Mobile Commerce

The mobile and computing giant continues to take on Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.

Apple Inc. has just announced the release of a fresh new line of computers and software tools to help to draw more customers (and keep the existing ones) as well as to encourage developers to continue to create apps for iOS devices despite the building competition from Google, Microsoft, and now Facebook (since its own App Center just opened).

Its latest Mac computers have now debuted in San Francisco at the World Developers Conference.

The new machines feature high definition screens. Moreover, the mobile devices have also seen numerous improvements, such as new software features for the iPad and iPhone. This, according to the senior vice president of product marketing at Apple, Phil Schiller, who emceed as the keynote.

This Apple news comes as the company pushes onward to continue as a leader in the consumer electronics industry – a position that requires a company to woo developers so that they continually choose those products first when creating the next hit app, such as Shazam or Angry Birds.

iOS is currently at the top of the app scale, with over 600,000 downloadable magazines, games, and productivity tools. Equally, though, its competitors are starting to make some highly aggressive moves to help themselves in taking some of the market share currently being held by Apple.

For example, Microsoft – which has recently joined with Nokia for a massive push of the Microsoft Phone 7 operating system – is just on the cusp of releasing its next operating system and is working hard to build hype around it and the devices that will feature it.

Similarly, Google will be hosting a developers conference later this month to attract more attention from those professionals, while Facebook has just cut the ribbon on its own app store, which now offers a full application marketplace for its users, which creep closer to one billion in number every day.

According to Forrester Research Inc. analyst, Charles Golvin, “It’s not just a battle for consumers’ hearts and minds — it’s a battle for developers to get that next great application to be available first and foremost on their platform.” The most recent Apple news is that these many companies are all “duking it out”.


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