Night Shift is Apple’s way of helping iPhone users get to sleep

Night Shift touchscreen Apple ipad

The latest version of the iOS platform includes a color adjustment feature meant to reduce the insomnia from screens. Among the top points you’ll find on advice to help to avoid insomnia and improve your ability to sleep at night is to cut off screen time for a certain length of time before you head to bed at night, but the new Night Shift feature from Apple has been created to help to skip that step. The update to iOS is meant to be easier on the eyes and has…

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Apple Maps app receives massive investments and has now returned

Apple maps mobile payments

After getting off to an unfortunate start upon its first launch in 2012, the revamped application is back. The term Apple Maps has become synonymous with an application from the iPhone maker that had a very unlikely beginning, directing people to drive off bridges, skipping many towns and businesses, and sending people way out into the outback of Australia. There were countless mistakes in this very rare disaster of a launch for Apple among its mobile apps. Among the many notable mistakes from the original version of Apple Maps was…

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Ad blockers are already the top mobile apps at the App Store

rumor apple mobile security apps security ad blocker

As global marketers keep a keen eye on this trend that threatens to derail their efforts, downloads continue. Among the Top 5 mobile paid apps at the U.S. Apple App Store, three are currently ad blockers; a trend that has caused marketers to feel uncertain about the future of advertising to iPhone users, but one that is also clearly highly appealing to device users. The fact that Apple has thrown its support behind ad blocking in its iOS9 platform is creating considerable controversy. While 3 of the top 5 mobile…

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Apple app available at the iTunes Store now number over 1 million

apple event mobile iPhones

Though it has been over a year since there were a million submissions, now these applications are available. Last year, it was reported that the number of application submissions of Apple apps to be sold on iTunes had passed the one million mark, but it took quite a while for them all to actually become available to users of iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Although it has been over a year, the official store for iOS applications has now broken that mark. It has now been announced that the number of…

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Android vs. iPhone: Which is Right for You?

iphone or android mobile phone subsidies

The Android vs. iPhone rivalry is one for the ages, right in line with the PC vs. Mac discussion. If you have techie friends, it would be a good idea not to bring the rivalry up at a bar as a heated debate will ensue and your evening could very well be ruined. Both Android and iPhone have their rabid supporters – customers who have drunk the Kool-Aid – and it is pretty much useless to get credible information from them. For these people the iPhone is either the greatest…

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iPhone mobile commerce app from Dinamundo released

QR Codes Scanner App

Encourages smartphone users to check in with their friends using a social media app. Dinamundo has just released its latest mobile commerce social media app, which is encouraging users to make more face to face connections, instead of the more typical efforts to connect with locations. These real world links come with a reward of comedy for smartphone owners. Eric Blanchford, known as the former CEO of Expedia, is the founder of Dinamundo, and this new QR code scanner app has now been launched through the funding of premier early…

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Latest Apple news: the apps battle rages on

Mobile Commerce

The mobile and computing giant continues to take on Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. Apple Inc. has just announced the release of a fresh new line of computers and software tools to help to draw more customers (and keep the existing ones) as well as to encourage developers to continue to create apps for iOS devices despite the building competition from Google, Microsoft, and now Facebook (since its own App Center just opened). Its latest Mac computers have now debuted in San Francisco at the World Developers Conference. The new machines…

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mobiManage announces launch of mobile content management system for apps and websites


mobiManage has announced the release of the second generation of its mobile CMS systems, precisely four years after the initial American release of the original systems. This latest release includes upgrades to the feature designs and a completely new engine. IT offers a single platform on which Android and iPhone apps alike, as well as mobile websites and tablet products can all be managed. These latest upgrades also provide capabilities for adding features for mobile marketing to an app or website, including QR codes and NFC tags, banner ads, and…

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New study asks: Do Apple or Android apps crash more frequently?

Mobile apps payments

Crittercism, an analytics company, has announced the release of its new report which has shown that iOS apps have a greater tendency to crash than Android apps. However, many mobile experts are wondering if this is truly a problem with Apple apps or whether this is simply a typical occurrence in the app arena when the operating system or its upgrades have only just been released. The crash survey performed by Crittercism evaluated over 214 million app launches between the months of November and December 2011, in order to decide…

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App searches to become simplified

Mobile apps payments

When apps first started becoming popular, there weren’t enough of them to worry about the state of the marketplace and its overall search-ability, but as smartphones and tablets have become much more commonplace, app-related search engines have become far too messy to continue as they are in 2012. The mobile world has become a chaotic battle for developers to try to have their apps discovered, even when device users are seeking those apps specifically. The stores and search engines for apps are finally now beginning the improvements to their support…

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eBay fashion joins the m-commerce marketplace

Ebay m-commerce News

As yet another indicator that m-commerce has gone mainstream, eBay Inc. is now advertising that its fashion branch is available through a mobile app that will allow consumers to perform eBay fashion searches and shop at any time and in any place. eBay has been observing the increasing trend to shop by way of smartphones and isn’t about to miss out on this growing opportunity. The following are some other notable figures about eBay’s entry to mobile. • In the third quarter of 2011, there were three mobile purchases made…

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