Apple begins to dabble in smart watches

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Apple turns to smart watches to combat fatigue among consumers Apple has established itself as a leader in the realm of mobile technology. Despite the company’s dominance in this sector, it has been seeing a phenomenon often referred to as “Apple fatigue” throughout the world. Consumers are becoming jaded when it comes to the mobile devices being produced by Apple. For the past several years, many of the company’s devices have, essentially, been the same, with only modest variations in features and size. The iPad represented the first significant change…

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Apple may have missed promising opportunity with iPhone 5

iphone 5

Lack of NFC technology may cost Apple The world of m-commerce news has been a flutter since Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 5 earlier this week. For months, speculation over whether the smart phone would be equipped with NFC technology has raged on and on. Some had expected Apple to make its powerful entry into the mobile commerce industry with its new mobile devices and applications designed specifically with NFC technology in mind (Passbook), but these expectations fell flat as the company announced that the iPhone 5 would not be…

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iPhone 5 may not feature NFC technology

iphone mobile payments NFC technology

Anandtech investigates NFC technology and the iPhone 5 Apple has remained quiet as to its plans with NFC technology and the iPhone 5. When images showing off the front assembly of the iPhone 5 were leaked earlier this week, many concluded that the issue had been laid to rest and that the mobile device would include the technology. Some technology companies have published reports concerning the matter, claiming that the iPhone 5 will not be equipped with NFC technology when it is released. Anandtech, an online computer magazine, took a…

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Latest Apple news: the apps battle rages on

Mobile Commerce

The mobile and computing giant continues to take on Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. Apple Inc. has just announced the release of a fresh new line of computers and software tools to help to draw more customers (and keep the existing ones) as well as to encourage developers to continue to create apps for iOS devices despite the building competition from Google, Microsoft, and now Facebook (since its own App Center just opened). Its latest Mac computers have now debuted in San Francisco at the World Developers Conference. The new machines…

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Apple’s recent patents point to augmented reality application

Apple Headquaters CA

Apple has been filing for more patents lately, suggesting that the high-profile technology company is gearing up to develop a new generation of swanky gadgets. According to a recent patent filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple has its eyes set on augmented reality technology. AR has been growing popular among the big tech companies recently due to the growing support from consumers. In previous years, augmented reality was shunned because there was nearly no hardware available to handle the technology. Now that smart phones and other mobile…

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