Digimarc announces that their Discover platform will double as a QR code reader

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The Digimarc Corporation, a worldwide provider of technologic media identification and management, has unveiled plans to expand their Digimarc Discover platform by enabling it to read QR codes. Discover is a mobile platform through which consumers can easily find interactive experiences by enabling mobile devices to automatically detect watermarks or QR codes. The company has decided to add the additional feature to the platform in the hopes of taking advantage to the popularity of QR codes.

Digital watermarks have been around for years, but relatively few people pay them any mind. Watermarks are most often used in art and photos distributed through the Internet as a way to deter theft. However, the marks can also be used to embed information in both digital and printed content. Digimarc Discover allows consumers the ability to attribute their work with an invisible digital watermark, which is only visible through the use of certain smart phone applications.

QR codes are a much more visible counterpart to watermarks. The codes have been used in a wide variety of marketing campaigns aimed at mobile consumers. They have gained fame for their ability to dynamically connect these consumers to digital content that they would not be exposed to through traditional marketing methods. The codes have gained traction around the world amongst businesses seeking to adapt to a more technology based society.

Digimarc’s adoption of QR code support shows that the company acknowledges the merits of the barcode.

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