QR codes launched for Mack maintenance program

mack truck qr codes

These barcodes will be printed onto the vehicles and linked to the vehicle’s unique VIV. Mack Trucks has announced that it will now be printing QR codes onto their vehicles which are uniquely tied to the VIV of the specific truck, through the use of the MVASIST platform. The barcodes will be used to help to provide a faster response time and to improve the customer uptime. The QR codes will be installed onto the vehicle doorframes as of April. This will occur during the truck’s actual manufacturing process at…

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Codee Software announces the opening of its App Store

QR Codes check in

Codee Software Inc. has now released the next version (2.0) of its QR code platform, at the same time that it has opened the doors of its Codee App Store. The Codee App Store is designed to provide mobile consumers with a range of different apps that will give them better use and control over the QR codes that they use in their everyday lives. They can buy a QR code app that is relatively inexpensive and goes above and beyond the traditional scanning app. These also provide consumers with…

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Digimarc announces that their Discover platform will double as a QR code reader

Digimarc.com Snap Shot

The Digimarc Corporation, a worldwide provider of technologic media identification and management, has unveiled plans to expand their Digimarc Discover platform by enabling it to read QR codes. Discover is a mobile platform through which consumers can easily find interactive experiences by enabling mobile devices to automatically detect watermarks or QR codes. The company has decided to add the additional feature to the platform in the hopes of taking advantage to the popularity of QR codes. Digital watermarks have been around for years, but relatively few people pay them any…

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A new equation in mobile marketing

QR and NFC

The Reach Media Group, a digital media company that owns and operates an extensive network of outdoor TVs, is diving into the realm of mobile marketing. RMG is teaming with proximity marketing provider, Blue Bit, to transform their network of 75,000 screens into an interactive marketing campaign. The campaign will combine two mobile technologies that were once thought to be in opposition of one another: The NFC tag and QR code. Together, the two will form a new platform called mTag. Bother NFC and QR codes have had a checked,…

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QR Codes and Wine: The perfect pairing for mobile marketing success!

The wine industry has been taking a particular interest in QR codes of late. More wineries have been using the codes as a way to connect with customers. With so many turning to mobile technology to meet their needs, Sevencamp, one of the world’s leading providers of custom QR code services, has extended a helping hand to the industry. The company has announced the launching of their new QR management platform “QR4Wine.” “This platform is by far the most cost effective and versatile mobile marketing solution available,” says CEO Mark…

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Kodak jumps into the QR code craze

Kodak is expected to make an announcement within the coming days regarding their plans to incorporate QR codes into their marketing efforts. The codes will be put to use on packaging for Kodak’s various products, giving consumers a chance to further interact with the company via the content linked to the codes. The company has already developed mobile sites and videos that will be used with the campaign. QR codes have established their place in marketing as a number of businesses have experienced success through their use. The codes present…

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New QR Code analytics platform released

Mobile Tag, a leader in both 2d and 1d barcode marketing solutions, have debuted their latest universal platform for NFC TAG management. Having spent two years in development, this platform is being tailored to help businesses manage the tags, such as QR codes, used in their communication campaigns. The platform will let businesses configure the different aspects of QR codes and other barcodes. They will be able to link 1d barcodes (UPC and EAN) to online content and make them function much the same way as QR codes. Businesses will…

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