Glamour magazine uses QR codes in print ads to successfully achieve 512,339 scans

Glamour Magazine QR Code

Glamour magazine, from Condé Nast, has achieved a striking success through the use of QR codes printed on several of its pages, which produced 512,339 scans. This pilot program, which occurred within its September “social edition” achieved these scans among an estimated two million readers, meaning that it managed to obtain a scan from approximately 1 in every 4 readers. The editorial and marketing departments at Glamour worked together to form content that pushed the download of a mobile app called “Friends & Fans”. The editorial piece told the magazine’s…

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Could Google+ ever become as influential as Facebook?

Social Media Marketing

Social networks are the hot thing and dozens of them have appeared online, each attempting to take some of the market share that has already been claimed by Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and, mostly formerly, MySpace. This has lead to a significant debate over whether Google+ will ever have the type of influence that those other established social networks have held, or if it will simply become one of a tremendous number of copycats and failures that were forgotten before they were known. If it does have a chance of…

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eMarketer data shows that 23 million American moms have profiles on Facebook

social media marketing

A newly released eMarketer report has shown that Facebook now has more mom profiles than it ever has before, and that the trend for mothers to continue registering with the social media platform is likely to continue in the same upward direction. The report showed that approximately 23 million American mothers who are currently active users of Facebook, meaning that they sign in at least occasionally to update their status, check their accounts, and communicate with their “friends”. As more than two thirds of the mothers on Facebook have children…

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