eMarketer data shows that 23 million American moms have profiles on Facebook

social media marketing

social media marketing
A newly released eMarketer report has shown that Facebook now has more mom profiles than it ever has before, and that the trend for mothers to continue registering with the social media platform is likely to continue in the same upward direction.

The report showed that approximately 23 million American mothers who are currently active users of Facebook, meaning that they sign in at least occasionally to update their status, check their accounts, and communicate with their “friends”. As more than two thirds of the mothers on Facebook have children younger than the age of 18, this social media site is offering an unprecedented marketing opportunity for companies that target mothers of young kids.

As a growing number of “millenials” start their own families, it is likely that the number of those that are creating profiles with social media sites will continue to rise. eMarketer stated that by the year 2013, almost one quarter of all mothers in the United States will be using Facebook. This figure represents 87 percent of all American mothers who have internet access.

The report also showed that it is especially new mothers who seek reviews that have been posted by other women, and who research new products over the internet. Social media marketing provides companies that target these moms with the opportunity to set up and direct product discussions, and give a direct positive response to any negative feedback that has been received by their offerings.

This indicates that companies will be able to use social marketing to help to establish loyalty between their brands and mom consumers.

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