Mobile marketing trends are promising in the Middle East

mobile marketing trends

The Arab world has shown that this channel is extremely promising and should not be underestimated. A new report that has recently been released regarding the Saudi Arabian market by the marketing and communications company OTS has revealed that mobile marketing trends are showing important promise within this region and that the channel’s impact should not be underestimated. The number of cell phone subscribers within that region is now closing in on the 400 million mark. Therefore, these mobile marketing trends suggest that any entrepreneurs or companies that have any…

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Mobile marketing is giving Paula Deen another chance

Paula Deen mobile marketing ebook

Though her media empire may have collapsed, the realm of electronic publishing has been a huge hit. Companies and fans may have turned their backs on Paula Deen following her controversial revelation, despite many subsequent public apologies and pleading for forgiveness, but consumers have paid attention to mobile marketing about her and are turning to their smartphones, tablets, and ereaders to find out more about her story in the hottest new book to hit the digital shelves. The book was published entirely digitally, in a move that could leave the…

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Mobile marketing study shows college students are unimpressed

Mobile marketing dislike frustration

Research has shown that these consumers are “irked” with the ads that they have been receiving. Ball State University has released a report that has shown that consumers attending college are making the switch from regular cell phones to smartphones at a very rapid rate, making them prime mobile marketing targets. However, this doesn’t mean that the ads that they have been receiving are doing the trick. Throughout the last three years, the change to smartphones has truly picked up speed. That said, these same students are expressing increasing antipathy…

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Mobile marketing still seeing considerable spending

Mobile Marketing statistics

By the end of this year, predictions are starting to show that growth in UK spending will be considerable. The mobile marketing environment has already become a vital part of the advertising and promotions efforts of businesses in most industries, and this will only continue to rise as the penetration of smartphones grows throughout the population. Business customers and individual consumers are relying on these devices to make their purchasing decisions. By the end of this year, it has been predicted that mobile marketing spending in the United Kingdom, alone,…

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Mobile marketing and social media are rising in popularity among small businesses

mobile marketing spending worldwide

Smaller and medium sized companies are increasing their spending on the channel. A new survey by Local Commerce Monitor, which was conducted by the BIA/Kelsey research firm has shown that spending on mobile marketing is on the rise among small to medium sized businesses (SMBs). A larger amount of overall advertising budgets is being designated for smartphone and tablet channels. The mobile marketing report is based on research that was conducted online in a partnership with Ipsos. What it determined was that the average spending among SMBs for smartphone advertising…

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