QR Codes Are Now A Fashion Statement

Venmo QR Codes scans by men

Consider, if you will, the long, tumultuous history of the necktie. In the 70’s, the Disco Era, you had ties so wide they could double as lobster bibs. In the much cooler 80’s, they went skinny, which in itself was a revival of 50’s fashion. Then of course, there always the threat of competition with bowties, which occasionally enjoy a resurgence of popularity in certain circles, especially when a Time Lord wears one. Yes, QR Codes are indeed everywhere… So, what does the 21st century have in store for the…

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QR codes from Phewtick offer scanners rewards

QR Codes T-shirts

A Japanese company is hoping to encourage the use of its quick response barcodes. A Japanese startup called Phewtick has unveiled its latest plans to encourage people to scan their QR codes by offering rewards in exchange for their use. Phewtick is a smartphone app that helps its users to be able to meet new people. Now, it is also using QR codes to help those same users to make a little bit of money while they connect with others. The entire process is centered around using the quick response…

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QR codes on clothing converts college students into advertising

QR Codes on Tshirts

Local startup uses apparel as a form of walking billboard space. Chadwick Martin Bailey, a market research and consulting firm, has released the results of their recent poll regarding the way that people scan QR codes and it has led to some unique uses for the codes. The survey involved the participation of almost 1,300 people regarding their scanning habits. The poll found that 46 percent of the people who took part had scanned QR codes simply because they were “curious” about where it would lead. Jossle, a startup from…

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QR code tshirts provide digital introductions

QR Code T-Shirts

Whether this barcoded apparel will be considered cool or desperate has yet to be seen. QRTribe apparel has just released a product line including QR code tshirts that features a customized barcode that can be scanned by smartphone users in order to obtain information about the wearer. Only time will tell whether or not this new fashion will catch on. At the moment, it has the potential to occupy a specific niche market. It allows the consumer to select a piece of apparel and have his or her own unique…

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Rock the Vote looks to inspire young people to vote by using QR codes

QR Code Tshirts

As presidential campaigns begin to pick up steam in the U.S., QR codes are likely to play a significant role in getting young, tech-savvy people to vote. Popular non-profit group Rock the Vote has teamed with clothing brands Junk Food and Threads for Thought to launch a new QR campaigned aimed at bolstering the political power of young generations. Rock the Vote has created a series of QR codes that will be branded on shirts from both clothing companies. The group believes that these codes are popular amongst young people,…

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