KitKat QR code launched by Google and Nestlé

The two companies are working together to create packaging that will allow people to better enjoy their break time. Nestlé has now partnered up with Google in order to create a KitKat QR code on the packaging of the chocolate bar, which will make it easier for consumers to enjoy a few YouTube videos while they are taking their breaks. These quick response codes will be printed onto the chocolate bars outside the United States. When the KitKat QR code is scanned through the use of a smartphone that has…

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QR codes on prescription drug labels now have EU guidelines

prescription qr codes medical

The European Medicines Agency now requires pharmaceutical companies to let them know if they will use barcodes. Pharmaceutical companies are now required to communicate to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) if they have intentions to add QR codes to their various types of drugs and medications, according to new guidelines that have been issued. Quick response codes are making their way onto a growing number of types of packages. The reason that many marketers and packagers are using QR codes as often as they are, is that they are extremely…

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ConnectMe QR unveils its editor for barcodes and mobile sites

ConnectMe QR, a mobile marketing company, has just unveiled its new subscription service for a QR code package, as well as its mobile website. These new services are expected to receive a significant boost with the update of their advanced QR code and mobile site editor, called mCard. This is designed to help small businesses and individuals to create, maintain, and manage their own mobile marketing sites, providing them with the opportunity to compete within the mobile marketplace, which is an arena that is currently dominated primarily by large corporations.…

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