KitKat QR code launched by Google and Nestlé

kitkat qr codes with google YouTube

The two companies are working together to create packaging that will allow people to better enjoy their break time.

Nestlé has now partnered up with Google in order to create a KitKat QR code on the packaging of the chocolate bar, which will make it easier for consumers to enjoy a few YouTube videos while they are taking their breaks.

These quick response codes will be printed onto the chocolate bars outside the United States.

When the KitKat QR code is scanned through the use of a smartphone that has any free barcode scanner app installed, the mobile device user is automatically directed to be able to access one of a total of 74 different YouTube videos. This digitally enhanced packaging is a direct reflection of the important role that this type of mobile content plays in the break time enjoyed by many consumers.

Other KitKat QR code packaging labels use the barcodes to provide consumers with nutritional information.

This specific campaign uses the QR code scans for a different reason. It will be focused on delivering consumers various forms of video content, including in the sports, music, gaming and comedy categories. This strategy aligns well with the “Have a break. Have a KitKat” slogan that has been maintained by the brand for more than sixty years. The use of the QR codes is a way to ensure that the brand continues to keep in line with the way modern consumers enjoy their breaks.

This is not the first time KitKat and Google have paired up. The first time was in 2013 when they joined together for the Google Android initiative and then more recently for the YouTube My Break campaign held by the confectionery in 2015. In that latter mobile marketing campaign, the entire KitKat logo was replaced with the name of the campaign.

According to Andrew McIver, managing director of Nestlé Confectionery, Nestlé UK & Ireland, “In 2016, we recognize where consumers are heading towards with the usage of Google.” Google UK managing director of branding and consumer markets, David Black, added that the KitKat QR code is a perfect fit between YouTube and the confectionery brand, as it helps “fill their break even better so if they’re eating a KitKat they can also go onto YouTube and watch the latest viral videos.”

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