Smart dress reveals how frequently women are harassed at nightclubs

The Dress for Respect - Smart Dress - Schweppes & Ogilvy Brazil YouTube

A touch-sensitive dress shows that women are not exaggerating about sexual harassment at nightclubs. A smart dress created for a project called “The Dress for Respect,” tracked how often and how intensely women in Brazil were groped on an average night out at a club or party. The special dress was embedded with sensor technology. The sensor technology that was embedded into the garment tracked both touch and pressure. This information was immediately sent to a visual system so that the project researchers could track the harassment in real time.…

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The world looks to the Apps World Asia 2011 for digital marketing developments

Apps World Asia 2011

Singapore is hosting the Apps World Asia 2011, as well as the Social Media World Forum Asia 2011, which will show the continent, and the world, some of the latest new developments in digital marketing technologies. These conferences will occur at the same time at the Suntec Convention Center, over September 1st and 2nd, and will draw the industry’s top brands and personalities in the world to discuss the use of apps and social media by organizations seeking to build the connection with their customers and grow their brand awareness.…

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