QR code shopping opens up for mobile supermarket experience

qr code shopping

A new “Smart Store” booth has opened in one of India’s biggest cities, allowing purchases with quick response code scans. A new form of QR code shopping has launched in India, letting consumers scan barcodes to purchase certain non-perishable staple food items from a booth. The new interactive booths have opened in three busy Metro stations located in Bengaluru. This lets commuters do a bit of QR code shopping on their way from one location to another. They can, for instance, pick up rice, grains or pulses on their way…

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Mobile commerce strategy unveiled by GroceryRun

Mobile Commerce Grocery Shopping App

The online grocery site has just released a new iPhone and iPad app. GroceryRun.com, an online grocery store, has just announced the availability of a new mobile commerce application for iPhone and iPad users. This launch has aligned itself with the strongest growth that GroceryRun has recorded in a single quarter. The website currently receives approximately 15,000 on a weekly basis, and has seen a significant demand from suppliers who have been rushing to add their offerings to the site. This has been bolstered by the notable shift that supermarkets…

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