Rhombus launches SMS mobile payments service in the US

PayPal Mobile Payments

Rhombus’ new platform allows users to make payments with a text message Rhombus, a payments startup, has launched a new platform in the United States that will allow consumers to send payments and donations from any mobile device. Such a platform is not unique, as there are many that have the same type of feature, but the way this platform offers this feature sets it apart from others. The platform supports SMS mobile payments, making it more accessible to consumers, especially those that do not have NFC-enabled mobile devices. SMS…

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Line to launch new mobile payments service

mobile payments trends

Line announces plans to launch Line Pay in the near future Line, makers of one of the world’s most popular messaging applications, has announced plans to launch its new mobile payments service in the near future. Called Line Pay, the new service may change Line’s messaging application, adding more value to the app and making it possible for users to transfer money to one another and pay for products. Line is among the latest companies to try and transform its messaging app into a functioning mobile commerce platform. Messaging applications…

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Amazon launches a new mobile commerce service

Amazon mobile commerce

Local Register aims to promote mobile commerce among retailers Amazon has a strong interest in mobile commerce, but the company is not only keen to support mobile shopping in the digital space. Amazon has begun offering a new mobile-centric service that will allow merchants in the physical world to accept payments made from a mobile device. The service is called Local Register and is designed to compete with similar services being offered by PayPal and Square. The service may help Amazon further establish a strong position in the mobile commerce…

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Warp 9 launches new venture to support those interested in mobile commerce

Mobile commerce for Retailers

New group aims to accelerate the adoption of mobile commerce among merchants using Magento Warp 9, a leading e-commerce and mobile solutions organization, has announced that it has launched a new mobile commerce group that will focus on serving businesses using the Magento platform. Magento is an e-commerce platform that has become particularly popular with retailers. It allows retailers to engage digital consumers in a more effective way, offering them services that are well suited to the online nature of society today. Magento has seen significant growth over the past…

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Banks may be losing the mobile commerce fight

Mobile Commerce Bank

Companies like Google and Facebook are showing that they are better at mobile financial service than banks Banks may soon lose their monopoly in the payments market due to technology and social networking companies entering into the mobile commerce space. Google and Facebook are just two of the myriad companies that are beginning to offer financial services to consumers, utilizing innovative digital solutions to do so. Similar companies are doing so as well, hoping to take advantage of a market that is growing at a rapid pace. By 2017, it…

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Launch of Vodafone mobile payments service completed in India

india mobile commerce, standard qr code

Vodafone announces the completion of M-Pesa launch in India Vodafone, a leading international telecommunications organization, has announced that the roll out of its M-Pesa mobile payments service has been completed in India. The company has been expanding the availability of its mobile commerce service over the past several months. Vodafone is currently considered quite an influential force in the mobile space and intends to see the use of its M-Pesa service see global adoption in the relatively near future. Mobile commerce in India is highly active India is home to…

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Competition in mobile commerce explodes due to rapid growth

U.K. Mobile Payments

Growth of mobile commerce creates an over abundance of competition Mobile commerce has grown very quickly over the past few years. Consumers have shown that they are very interested in mobile payments and shopping from their smartphones and tablets, which has lead to a surge in new startups offering services to accommodate this interest. Mobile commerce can be a very lucrative field, but establishing a strong presence in the market has become very difficult for both well established companies and new startups. Demand for services is high, but so is…

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Consumers ready for a new generation of mobile commerce

mobile commerce and NFC technology

Mobile commerce is making progress with consumers around the world SAP AG, a leading enterprise software company, has released a new study that suggests consumers are ready to embrace a new generation of mobile commerce services. The study was conducted in 17 countries and found that eight out of 10 consumers are asking for more mobile interactions with financial service firms, telecommunications companies, retailers, utilities, and other businesses. Mobile payments have become one of the most favored forms of commerce among these consumers, many of whom claim that making payments…

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Monitise and IBM team to bring new mobile commerce services to Europe

mobile commerce services

Mobile commerce services coming to Visa Europe Monitise, a mobile commerce firm, has teamed with IBM to provide new services to member banks of Visa Europe. Together, the two companies will work to promote mobile commerce services that are linked to cloud computing technologies from IBM. Introducing cloud computing to mobile commerce is not a new idea, but very few companies have managed to accomplish this feat successfully. Cloud computing could help bring a new level of security to mobile commerce that may make consumers more comfortable with purchasing products…

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Mobile commerce and guns do not mix, according to Square

Square Inc. mobile payments nfc technology

Square restricts mobile commerce services concerning firearm sales Leading mobile commerce firm Square has made changes to its terms of service agreement that bar the purchase of firearms, ammunition, and other associated products and materials. The firm is seeking to limit the sale of products that it considers to be designed to cause physical injury. This move will not stop U.S. consumers from purchase firearms, of course, but they will not be able to do so through Square’s mobile commerce services. Mobile commerce makes slow progress in the US Mobile…

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Isis announces new mobile commerce services

Isis Mobile Payment Platform

Isis adds American Express Serve to mobile commerce platform Mobile commerce platform Isis now leverages the services associated with the American Express Serve platform. Isis is a joint venture from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless and has managed to establish a relatively strong following in the world of mobile commerce. The platform is in direct competition with Google’s own mobile commerce platform, called the Google Wallet. Isis has managed to gain a significant advantage over the Google Wallet by winning the support of many of the world’s major financial institutions.…

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