Mhealth technology could maintain independence among the elderly

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Sensor based wearables could make it possible for people to live healthier and safer lives. According to the results of a new research reports, the use of sensor based mhealth technology for care coordination could make it possible for seniors to be able to live lives with improved health and independence. This study was conducted by researchers from the University of Missouri who looked into the benefits of the tech. They examined forms of mhealth technology based solutions that would help to monitor and track certain health factors such as…

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Mobile health technology is helping to overcome challenges in Africa

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New forms of tech could provide the answer to some of the largest struggles in African healthcare. One of the largest and most complex challenges currently facing Africa is in its healthcare field, but many are starting to believe that a number of the problems that are the most difficult to overcome could possibly be sidestepped through the use of mobile health tech. Africa is home to 15 percent of the global population, but 24 percent of worldwide disease and illness. Unfortunately, despite that fact, it also contains only 3…

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Provider focused mhealth wearable technology being tested by Google

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These wearables are being designed to offer researchers real time vital sign data during trials. Google is now looking toward the mhealth side of wearable technology and is developing a type of wristband that would be used in medical clinical trials as well as drug tests in order to offer research teams additional patient data based on real time vital signs including heart rates and pulse to exposure to light and noise levels. This wearable tech will not be sold directly to consumers but Is meant for patients and participants…

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Patient mhealth adoption relies on doctor recommendations

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Recent research has shown that physicians may be the key driving force behind this technology. It may feel as though mhealth technology is getting off to a pretty good start on its own, but when it comes to the recommendations – or even discussions – of mobile and wearable tech by doctors, a recent study has shown that only 15 percent of physicians are actually talking about it as a tool to help to improve overall or specific wellness. This could be holding back the adoption of mobile health technologies…

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CDC is using mhealth technology for Ebola monitoring

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The Centers for Disease Control have been combining the use of free mobile phones and big data analytics. Though the peak of the Ebola scare seems to have passed through the media, the virus continues to be problematic in many West African countries, leading the CDC to come up with additional strategies using mhealth to help to make sure that it remains contained and that the spread is reduced as much as possible. The outbreak of the disease in those countries has caused officials to take a closer look at…

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