Where is wearable health tech taking healthcare?

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Fitness trackers, wearable heart rate monitors are trendy, but are they medically sound? Wearable health tech is used in everyday life either for fitness tracking, monitoring glucose or heart rates and even to potentially diagnose various diseases. The health technology market is fast-growing and wearables, while being trendy, have made their way into medicine with their useful applications. Fitness trackers are popular with consumers and have become ubiquitous among today’s consumers Although fitness trackers such as Fitbit and smart watches like the Apple Watch or Samsung Gear are the most…

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Mhealth QR code app wins AKU Hackathon prize

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The mobile application would help to overcome struggles faced in many hospital emergency rooms. The first ever medical hackathon to take place in Pakistan has announced an mhealth QR code app as a winner. The event took place at the Aga Khan University. The mobile app may prove helpful in overcoming hospital ER challenges. The winning team was called *HistorER* and used a unique quick response code system. The QR code app could be used in emergency rooms to provide medical teams with patient histories. A major struggle facing ER…

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Mobile health takes a new direction with BlackBerry bacteria-free devices

BlackBerry Leap mobile health

The Canadian handset manufacturer has special smartphones in the works designed specifically for hospitals. BlackBerry could be working on a special kind of mobile health technology that will be geared toward the healthcare sector, as rumors have been circulating with regards to a bacteria-free smartphone. The rumors have some rather powerful backing, as Bloomberg has reported them based on the CEO’s comments. According to the report, BlackBerry CEO John Chen spoke of this mobile health friendly device in saying that “Health-care workers have to be worried about one less thing…

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Mhealth is enhancing doctor and patient interaction

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Through the use of mobile health technology, the collaboration is notably improving. Among the many determinations that were made at the most recent Mobile Healthcare Summit, the ability to use mhealth technology is giving patients and doctors an improved opportunity for interaction. This is helping to make healthcare more cooperative and could give patients a better opportunity for health. According to one of the participants in the summit, Dr. Kendall Ho, the eHealth strategy office director at the faculty of medicine at UBC, and who is also among those who…

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Mhealth to be a Pfizer priority

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The pharmaceutical industry giant is now calling for a focus on the mobile health sector. The mhealth sector of the industry has been growing at a tremendous rate on many different levels and now Pfizer has announced that it is throwing its hat in the ring because it will help to provide for the aging populations in developing countries. The company has declared that this will be the most powerful tool for assisting these people around the world. The announcement from Pfizer is that it believes that mhealth can become…

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