Warp 9 launches new venture to support those interested in mobile commerce

Mobile commerce for Retailers

New group aims to accelerate the adoption of mobile commerce among merchants using Magento Warp 9, a leading e-commerce and mobile solutions organization, has announced that it has launched a new mobile commerce group that will focus on serving businesses using the Magento platform. Magento is an e-commerce platform that has become particularly popular with retailers. It allows retailers to engage digital consumers in a more effective way, offering them services that are well suited to the online nature of society today. Magento has seen significant growth over the past…

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Mobile commerce acquisition made by Shopgate

Mobile commerce industry partnership

The company has made its first purchase of another company, Magento Integration. Shopgate, the mobile commerce platform based in Palo Alto and in Germany, has now made its very first acquisition in the form of the purchase of the developer of Magento, MagCorp, which is backed by both Northcap and Creathor Ventures. Many are deeming this more as an aqui-hire than a complete acquisition of another company. When this acquisition is complete, it will have the four developers behind MagCorp becoming a part of the existing team of 132 people…

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Mobile commerce website achieves considerable sales success

mobile commerce trends

A retailer of outdoor gear has now achieved massive results with its m-commerce site integration. In order to create a truly successful mobile commerce website, Wide Open Spaces has integrated Magento and Unbound Commerce and has managed to impress consumers who are now shopping there. The customers of this members only online retailer are often in locations well away from their computers. After all, Wide Open Spaces caters to fishermen and hunters, which means that when they are using the products that are sold by the retailer, they are out…

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