Olaworks making strides in progressing augmented reality technology

Olaworks Facial Recognition Augmented Reality

Amazing technology news in the world of augmented reality. Augmented reality crowded headlines in the world of technology over the weekend after Google unveiled Project Glass – the development name for Google’s augmented reality glasses. A Korean technology startup called Olaworks is looking to make use of the momentum Google has brought to augmented reality and is showing off its new software for smart phones and other mobile devices. Olaworks has made major progress in making augmented reality more sophisticated. The company recently showed off its latest developments, which have…

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World’s first QR code film festival launches in Korea, connects filmmakers from around the world

QR Code Film Festival

QR codes are about to get more representation in the film industry beginning today as the world’s first “QR Code Film Festival” begins. The festival is being held in Korea and will last until the end of the month. While the event may be being held overseas, anyone in the world can attend, as the entire festival is built upon QR codes. This event is a precursor to a much larger festival planned for 2012. Using the codes in this way shows that the codes are capable of much more…

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