Report shows iOS devices lead UK mobile shopping online

iphone users

A report produced by a commerce website designing and building company, BaseKit, has shown that though iPhone and iPad owners are those that are most likely to make a purchase using their mobile devices, very few people in the country actually shop on their tablets, and an even smaller number do so from smartphones. In fact, the report showed that among tablet owning Brits, only 4 percent shop from the device, and that number is even lower for those who own smartphones. BaseKit’s response to this data was to say…

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Cell phone users prefer their mobile devices to caffeine and sex

cell phone users and mobile additiction cures and stats

Though the growing addiction to cell phones isn’t news to anyone… What is surprising are the results of a study performed by TeleNav, which identified the extent to which cell phone users would go instead of giving up their mobile devices. It determined that: • 54 percent would prefer to live a week without any physical activity than to relinquish their mobile phones – though it was not determined how many were already leading sedentary lives. • 70 percent stated that they would stop drinking alcohol if it meant that…

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