Mobile technology race for 5G is getting intense

Global mobile technology trends network

Ericsson, Nokia, and Huawei are all pushing to be first in the development of that latest tech. Labs at some of the hottest mobile technology companies around the world are driving forward at full tilt to try to generate patents that will help them to be able to take a firm hold on the future of wireless tech with 5G. At the same time that many mobile devices are just stepping into 4G, companies are scrambling to snag 5G. In terms of the present situation, many smartphone users are only…

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Mobile commerce continues to grow in Latin America

Mexico Mobile commerce

Latin America is proving to be an attractive mobile commerce market Mobile commerce is gaining momentum in Latin America. A recent report from Ericsson shows that many consumers in the region have begun to embrace mobile technology. Growing smartphone and tablet penetration is leading to more participation in mobile commerce. As this trend continues, companies like Visa and MasterCard are beginning to show more interest in the mobile market of Latin America. In the coming year, more people than ever before are expected to participate in mobile payments. Report predicts…

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Growing adoption of mobile technology could lead to a boom in mobile commerce

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New report shows that 90% of the world’s population will have a mobile device by 2020 Ericsson, a multi-national communications technology and service provider, has released a new report concerning the growing adoption of mobile technology. According to the report, 90% of the world’s population over the age of 6 will have a mobile device of some kind by 2020. This will have major implications for the mobile commerce field, of course, as this growth in device penetration will also create new opportunities for mobile shopping and payments. India and…

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Mobile payments sees great potential in urban areas

Future of Mobile Payments

The market in Indonesia appears to have a good shot in cities and areas of more dense population. Although mobile payments and wallet services have been struggling to take hold in many parts of the world, in Indonesia, the trend appears to be slanted toward the urban areas, where there is considerable potential still left untapped. While some early adopters are already using digital wallet technology, they remain the minority. It is believed that while there are a small number of people who are using mobile payments for transferring money…

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Mobile banking has a bright future in Asia

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Report shows that the demand for banking applications is on the rise in emerging Asian markets Ericsson, a Swedish communications technology company, has released a report concerning mobile banking. As smartphone penetration continues to grow, many people are looking for services that can help them manage their finances on a mobile device. As such, the demand for mobile banking applications has begun to grow. Many banks have been slow to accommodate this demand, but the future may be bright for the mobile banking space. The report from Ericsson shows that…

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Technology news predictions show a smartphone number tripling by 2019

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If this forecast is correct than there will be three times more of these devices by that time. A technology news report has been issued by Ericsson of Sweden which has indicated that by the year 2019, they expect the number of smartphones to have tripled to the point that the total figure will have reached 5.6 billion worldwide. If this is correct, then it will mean that smartphones will make up 60 percent of all global cell phones. Ericsson, the largest telecommunications network maker in the world, expressed in…

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What is mobile commerce and how it affects the way we do business

Mobile commerce – creating a more convenient economic ecosystem within the palm of your hand Commerce is changing; it is becoming more mobile as smartphones and tablets become more prolific. Consumers are finding that their mobile devices are more convenient to use than traditional methods of commerce due to the vast assortment of applications that are available to them. The convenience and availability of these devices has caused a spike in mobile commerce activity and interest, with consumers showing that they are now more willing than ever before to move…

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Ericsson ConsumerLab highlights potential of African m-commerce

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Ericsson ConsumerLab report signals promising growth of m-commerce in Africa Africa is home to a mobile commerce industry that is bursting with potential. As more consumers gain access to mobile devices in countries like Ghana, South Africa, and Tanzania, the demand for m-commerce services is on the rise. These consumers have shown a great deal of interest in shopping and purchasing products through their mobile devices. Ericsson ConsumerLab, a leading provider of communications technology and services, has taken note of the promise of the African m-commerce industry and has been…

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