Batman-themed cell phone alert accidentally issued by Missouri State Highway Patrol

Cell phone alert - Batman logo

The message blast was sent by mistake, cautioning “residents of Gotham City” about the Joker. The Missouri State Highway Patrol issued a hilarious cell phone alert by mistake, providing a detailed description of the Joker’s car, in a Batman-themed test that was accidentally blasted to the “residents of Gotham City.” Of course, authorities have assured message recipients that the Joker is not rampaging through Missouri. Still, fans of the DC comic franchise got a real kick out of the cell phone alert goof. The message specifically addressed residents of Gotham…

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Mobile marketing campaign for Ben Affleck draws a crowd

Ben Affleck batman mobile marketing ebook

An ebook was released in response to the controversial decision to have him play Batman. Mobile marketing methods for a new ebook that has been designed around the controversy surrounding the decision to have Ben Affleck play Batman in the next movie starring the DC Comics character has proven to be highly successful, so far. The ebook is riding the massive media wave surrounding the wildly unpopular choice. The title of the book is “Ben Affleck: Bad for Batman?”, and it was written by Eric Nolan and is being advertised…

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DC Comics using QR codes to promote new campaign

DC Comics QR Code

The comic industry is well known for its tenacity and ability to keep up with modern technology. Following a trend gaining momentum throughout the whole of the print industry, DC Comics has begun using QR codes to promote their latest initiative. The renowned comic book company has taken note of the popularity in QR codes and how they can be used to help printed works compete in a society obsessed with technology. The company will launch its new campaign beginning in September of this year. Each of DC’s 52 comic…

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