Augmented reality used by Toronto Star to bring news to life

Layar Augmented Reality App

The traditional print newspaper used mobile technology to give it an online advantage. The Toronto Star newspaper took the experience that it was providing to its readers to a new level as it applied augmented reality to some of its print pages in order to provide a unique and enhanced experience to its readers. Ahead of the release, the newspaper put out a video to show how the AR tech would work. In order to achieve this augmented reality feat, the Star partnered with Layar, an AR company based in…

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Augmented reality mobile application helps kids read newspapers

augmented reality newspaper for kids

Technology makes it possible for children to understand articles written for adult readers. It doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the print newspaper industry is struggling as a growing number of readers choose to find their news online instead of subscribing, but an augmented reality app is hoping to add a new demographic to the audience for this product. The potential of this app could be to break the print newspaper industry into the kids’ demographic. The newspaper industry is looking for new ways to be able to…

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Aurasma and The Philadelphia Inquirer team to make North America’s first augmented reality newspaper

Augmented reality may just save the print industry   Leading augmented reality developer Aurasma and The Philadelphia Inquirer have announced a partnership this week that will debut North America’s first augmented reality newspaper. Augmented reality has been becoming a popular subject in the publishing industry recently. The technology could potentially revitalize what is considered an obsolete medium by offering consumers and interactive digital experience. The Philadelphia Inquirer is keen to see just what benefits the technology can bring and how consumers will react to a new generation of newspapers. The…

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World’s first augmented reality newspaper launched in Ireland

While the world of news seems like an endless storm of change and adaptation, the reality is that the technology behind the new industry is still quite rudimentary. Despite the ability for new organizations to stay on top of breaking events around the world, the industry as a whole is slow to accept new technologies that could help it connect with a larger audience. Some believe that this adds a much needed point of stability in an industry that is defined by tumultuous changes in the world, but if consumers…

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