Augmented reality allows a T-Rex to leap from printed pages

augmented reality idinosaur

Certainly, the last thing you’d want is a real dinosaur wandering through your living room, but the AR variety is different. Though dinosaurs have been extinct from the Earth for many millions of years, the use of a smartphone or tablet and an augmented reality app can have Tyrannosaurus Rexes leaping out of the page of a printed book. This can help to much more effectively illustrate what is being described on the page. The latest features available in the iDinosaur book, include augmented reality through the use of a…

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Augmented reality printed book jacket enhances in-store marketing

augmented reality book cover

Crimson Publishing has added its name to the growing number of publishers using AR technology. Crimson Publishing has just announced the release of a new business book that includes an augmented reality feature on its cover that can be viewed through the Aurasma app in order to help draw the attention of consumers considering its purchase. There have been a number of print publications that have started using AR to boost their appeal. The book in question is called “Working the Cloud” and is written by Kate Russell, a technology…

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Augmented reality to be included in 2013 edition of Guinness Book of World Records

augmented reality book

This brings the book a long way from the black and white paperback it once was. Next year’s edition of the Guinness Book of World Records will have a curious new feature that smartphone users may find appealing, when they view the augmented reality elements of its pages. The copy of the book just appeared this week, showing the book’s new mobile friendliness. The traditional format of the book will use augmented reality for an instant update to complement the latest technologies that are being used on a regular basis…

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Between Page and Screen shows how augmented reality can be used to bring print to life

Between Page and Screen

Print may not be dead, but it has certainly been crippled by the advent of technology. The print industry has been struggling to keep up with the pace of technology, but it has proven difficult to keep up with a media that is undergoing constant change. Technology may not be the outright enemy of the print industry, however, as it can be used to breathe new life into books. Augmented reality can accomplish this feat and as the print industry grows more comfortable with using the technology it understands the…

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