Apple releases its iPad Pro today

youtube ipad pro

This will be the first time the device is available for sale, but it can be purchased only online. The iPad Pro is available for order online as of today, but it won’t be until later in the week that this new Apple device will also reach actual physical brick and mortar stores, as well. This will be the latest tablet in Apple’s line of mobile devices and its price tag will start at $799. That said, for $1,000, the iPad Pro will also come with a keyboard and a…

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Mobile devices lineup revamped by Apple

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The iPad 2 has been ousted by the iPad 4, and a new 8 GB iPhone 5C has been launched in Europe. On Tuesday, Apple decided to shake up its lineup of mobile devices by using its fourth generation iPad tablet to replace the iPad 2 that had previously been sold for $399. Beyond the change in tablet commerce, a less expensive model of the iPhone 5C in European markets. Apple has announced that it will no longer be selling its iPad 2 mobile devices, which had continued to be…

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