QR codes verifications to combat fraudulent Alibaba use

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The massive China based online marketplace has revealed a new strategy to combat its counterfeit products issue. Alibaba, the e-commerce giant from China, has acknowledged that it is struggling with sellers who are peddling counterfeit products on their website, and it is now hoping that a new strategy that uses special QR codes will help to overcome this problem. The company will require all products to have their own unique quick response code attached to them. In order to accomplish this goal, Alibaba has teamed up with Visualead, a company…

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QR codes at Visualead draw Alibaba investment

Visualead QR Codes

This is likely a direct reflection of the growing popularity of quick response codes in Japan and China. Alibaba Group Holding, the e-commerce giant in China, has announced that it is taking its first steps into the tech sector in Israel, as it has made an investment into Visualead, a company that is known for its unique QR codes. That company has a popular quick response code generating feature that enhances their visual appeal. Visualead is located in Tel Aviv. Its QR codes can be scanned by people with smartphones.…

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QR codes based strategy launched by Alibaba

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Quick response codes are being used at the center of the new Mashang Tao unveiling. Alibaba Group, the massive Chinese e-commerce company, has just announced the official launch of its business strategy, called Mashang Tao, and at the center of it is a platform based on QR codes. The strategy is designed to boost the integration of quick response codes into the overall Alibaba experience. The company has launched its merchant platform using QR codes to integrate those barcodes into the Alibaba Group family of e-commerce websites. This strategy is…

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QR codes turn newspapers into shopping malls

Newspapers QR Codes

Alibaba is using quick response codes to make purchases through printed ads. The massive online and mobile commerce giant, Alibaba, has now announced that it is partnering with a number of different media outlets in order to launch a shopping program based on scanning QR codes. This will allow consumers to be able to buy the products that they see in printed advertisements. The Chinese e- and m-commerce company is giving readers the chance to scan QR codes when they see products that they like. This will direct them to…

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