Smartwatch launch from Samsung could bring stand-alone device this summer

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The latest edition to join the Galaxy Gear line could soon be a wristwatch that acts as a smartphone.

While Google and Apple have yet to release even one smartwatch (though they are both strongly believed to be aiming toward a launch before the end of the year), Samsung is now working on its fifth model of this wearable technology which should be able to act as a stand-alone device.

This means that the wearable technology device will not require a smartphone in order to make calls.

This smartwatch is expected to be a device that will function all on its own, including making and receiving phone calls and texts, as it will have its own SIM card. Its launch is expected to be early in the summer. That said, any additional details about this wearable technology have been few and far between. It is quite likely that it will be an upgrade of the base hardware and app feature set of the latest Galaxy Gear round, including the Gear 2 Neo and the Gear 2.

Features in the smartwatch from Samsung have not yet been identified, but rumors are flying.

Samsung smartwatch gadgets galaxy gear wearable technologyWhile some have speculated that it will include a heart rate monitor and a camera, others are counting on a device that is dust and water resistant. It could be that all of those features will be included in the latest addition to the Gear line.

Many are curious to know whether it will be based on Samsung’s own Tizen operating system, as is the case with previous models, or if Android Wear will be making itself into this latest model.

Although not well known, there are a number of stand-alone smart wristwatches that have already made it to the market. In fact, they were already released in 2013, without having truly taken off. The Omate TrueSmart is one of the “bigger” names to have made it into this category.

One of the primary challenges that has become evident through their use is the way in which to make such a small screen a practical way to actually make phone calls and do other productive tasks.

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