Smartwatch launch from Samsung could bring stand-alone device this summer

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The latest edition to join the Galaxy Gear line could soon be a wristwatch that acts as a smartphone. While Google and Apple have yet to release even one smartwatch (though they are both strongly believed to be aiming toward a launch before the end of the year), Samsung is now working on its fifth model of this wearable technology which should be able to act as a stand-alone device. This means that the wearable technology device will not require a smartphone in order to make calls. This smartwatch is…

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Wearable technology and the balance between practicality and novelty

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Wearable devices tend to go from one extreme to another when it comes to entertainment and practicality As wearable devices become more common, the question of their practicality is beginning to become more urgent. The vast majority of these devices are being designed with entertainment in mind, meaning that they are more novelty than anything else. A scant few, however, serve a practical purpose, such as keeping track of health information or serving as productivity boosting tools. The real question is whether novelty or practicality will help wearable technology find…

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Wearable technology could play a role in mobile commerce

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PayPal and eBay show support for wearable devices Wearable technology is on the rise, but its ability to displace smartphones and tablets has yet to be seen. Smart watches and other wearable devices have attracted a great deal of attention, but many of these devices lack the features that have become commonplace with most mobile devices. PayPal and eBay are looking to ensure that wearable devices have a place to compete in the future and have taken a step to make these devices capable of participating in the mobile commerce…

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Smartwatches are primarily based on Android

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The operating system has managed to grab an early dominance of the wearable technology market. Strategy Analytics has now released the results of its recent research which has shown that in terms of the global shipments of smartwatches that occurred throughout 2013, it was easily Android that took the dominant position for operating systems. In that year, there were a record almost 2 million units of this wearable technology that were shipped. Among those mobile devices, Android took hold of a massive 61 percent share of their operating systems. This…

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Technology news from Apple shows smart watch charger testing

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Alternative techniques are being tried, including solar as well as magnetic induction. Although smart watches have been making technology news for a while now and are becoming an increasingly important trend among mobile devices, one of the primary struggles that the industry is still trying to overcome is that of battery power. Even though new charging methods isn’t one of the primary Silicon Valley fads, Apple is keeping it up. According to the latest technology news reports, Apple remains one of the major companies that continues to work on new…

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