QR codes for Bitcoin exchanges can be impacted by screen brightness

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Certain quirks occurring in various devices can make it more challenging to use the cryptocurrency.

As convenient as Bitcoin QR codes may be, this is among the small number of areas in which there can be a similar challenge to face when compared with the use of traditional forms of banking, as some small quirks can make things somewhat difficult.

For example, the brightness of a device screen can make it hard or even impossible to scan quick response codes.

When QR codes are provided in order to be able to complete transactions with Bitcoins, some people have been finding the brightness or dimness of their device screens can actually stop the barcodes from working. The screen of the devices need to be within a certain brightness range in order to make sure that it will actually be possible to scan these quick response codes. That said, it has yet to be determined exactly what part of the technology is not functioning properly when it comes to being able to scan the codes outside of a certain brightness range.

Some people have speculated that it is the actual scanner, itself that is stopping the QR codes from being scanned.

qr codes payments travelThat said, others have speculated that the inability to scan quick response codes outside the screen brightness range could be reflective of a more profound technological problem. The majority of Bitcoin wallet apps have made it possible to manage this potential frustration on their own.

For example Mycelium and Breadwallet have both taken specific actions to ensure that their barcodes can be scanned no matter what brightness setting the screen has on a certain device. This has started to reduce the number of times in which there are now struggles in scanning the quick response codes in order to complete a transaction with the cryptocurrencies. However, those repairs have not been universal.

It has now reached the point in which it is commonly felt that the number of times that QR codes for Bitcoin exchanges are negligible. That said, it is also being pointed out that this problem does still commonly exist in terms of scanning the codes in order to complete transactions using more traditional currencies, through the use of mobile payments systems of several forms.

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