QR codes could be hiding a dark side

QR codes- dark side

QR codes- dark side

Mobile security often cast by the wayside by consumers

On the surface, the world of mobile technology may seem benign. Many consumers view smart phones and other mobile devices as valuable tools that can keep them entertained and connected to the world at large. The mobile technology industry is, however, fraught with peril that many are at risk of being exposed to. This peril does not come in a physical form, which is partly why mobile security is often lacking amongst consumers, but could cause a significant amount of distress for anyone that is not careful enough.

QR codes have proven themselves to be powerful tools for various purposes

Mobile commerce and mobile marketing are powerful trends in the mobile realm. Both have proven popular with consumers. Mobile marketing, in particular, has proven especially effective because of its use of interactive technologies, such as QR codes. QR codes are one of the driving forces behind mobile marketing and have, in the past, managed to bring the emerging industry a great deal of success. These small, black and white barcodes are capable of providing consumers with a wealth of information with a simple scan from a smart phone. The codes can be linked to just about anything digital, however, including malicious content.

Malicious codes could compromise a consumer’s financial information

According to CNET, QR codes may be hiding a dark side that is rarely seen. Hackers can use the codes to take curious consumers to websites that contain malicious software. This software can compromise the information a consumer sores on their mobile device. Malicious QR codes could lead to the exploitation of financial information or generate other problems.

Majority of codes benign despite fears of malware

QR codes themselves are, in fact, benign. They are highly accessible to anyone willing to use them, however, and have become popular tools for hackers because of how inexpensive they are to produce. There are a number of QR code scanning applications available that come equipped with anti-virus and other security features that are designed to protect consumers from malicious codes they may come across.

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