Hipcricket mobile marketing breaks 200,000 mark in the industry

Hipcricket mobile marketing breaks 200,000

Hipcricket mobile marketing breaks 200,000

Its campaign growth, quarter over quarter, has now reached a 52 percent.

Hipcricket, an industry leader in mobile marketing and a subsidiary of Augme Technologies Inc., has just announced that it has broken the 200,000 mark for its campaigns.

This holds it in the top position in the industry within this central metric.

By May 31, 2012, it had completed over 27,000 in that quarter alone and showed a growth of 52 percent over the campaigns from the previous quarter. Among the company’s 27,000 campaign that had been completed during the first quarter of the year, massive results were accomplished.

For example, a mobile marketing campaign for a top real estate company increased 80 percent quarter over quarter.

Similarly, there was a 70 percent increase in the same period of time for a not for profit organization. A 61 percent increase was seen by a digital software company. There was a 45 percent improvement for a top broadcaster.

Other mobile marketing highlights identified by Hipcricket in its most recent quarter include:

• A major studio has converted the company into a one top advertising and marketing solution for the creation and implementation of comprehensive campaigns that will be highly appealing and engaging to smartphone and tablet consumers.

• 50 new customers have been added to the company, bringing its customer base size to over 350.

• The firm has become the mobile marketing leader for solutions in the lottery industry and is now partnered with lotteries in over a half dozen states throughout the country.

According to the Hipcricket and Augme chief executive officer, Paul Arena, “These statistics illustrate the success our clients are having with their mobile programs and indicate their interest in developing more campaigns for refined targeting.”

Arena also pointed out that they have observed significant progress in “the adoption curve at our recent Customer Summit in New York, where many of our largest customers gathered to share their knowledge and experiences involving mobile marketing campaigns.” The company discussed these highlights, as well as others, at their first quarter FY2013 conference call which occurred on July 10, 2012.

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