QR code cube combines real world and online gaming

QR code Codigo Cube Game

The Codigo Cube is not only intriguing, but has found a new angle for gaming.

The Codigo Cube is a new type of game that includes a QR code on each of the six sides of the die-like object.

It requires the use of a smartphone in order to be able to scan the barcodes and proceed.

So far, the reviews and customer feedback for this game have been tremendously positive, not only due to its novelty, but because the players are finding it very enjoyable. The Codigo Cube has been designed specifically for use on the iPad and iPhone. Though it is possible to scan the QR code sides and play it on an Android device that is at least version 2.2.2 and that has an auto focus camera of at least 5+ megapixels.

Though it supposedly works with any QR code reader app, these applications vary widely.

Some players found that it took some tinkering to find the right one, or they simply decided to go with the app that is recommended by Codigo, itself, to scan the QR code sides of the cube.

Playing the game is very simple. It requires the cube and the proper smartphone device. The die (cube) is rolled and the top side is scanned using the reader app. Once it’s scanned, the game opens on the device screen, and the user can begin to play. The first option is to select one of three game options: Random Six, Pick Six, or Quick Play. Once the game has been selected, the player can choose the number of players against which he or she would like to play, up to a maximum of one hundred. Then, even the details of the game can be chosen.

This allows for a highly customized, entertaining game playing experience for anyone with a smartphone. Options include everything from topic categories to the difficulty level. Categories differ among each of the three different game types. When Random Six is selected, the categories are chosen for the player automatically.

From that point on, it is simply a matter of rolling and scanning the QR code die and answering the question that appears on the screen. The goal of the game is to obtain a correct answer for each of the six different sides of the cube.

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